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May 12, 2013

A part of me hates summer, a part of me loves it. I get to spend more time blogging, painting whatever comes into my mind, sleeping more than I should, and a break from school. But, the scorching heat of the sun is getting into me; I am not a summer-kind of person, and I terribly hate the heat! To "compensate" from that, I made a list of things which are my favorites of the week.

Note: Some of the photos were deleted on the internet which means this post was edited because of the disabled photos that were posted. 

This photo isn't mine. I found this at pinterest. I really really really love Japanese-inspired bedrooms! This one is my favorite though. I've always wanted to try "low-rise" bed because it makes a room much spacier! The colors are so subtle as well.

My latest manga addiction: Love so Life. It's still an ongoing manga (Japanese comic book) and I'm craving for more, can't really wait for the next volume and chapters! And by the way, I'm about to publish a review about this but I thought I should at least post it after this manga will end (it will take months or even a year, so sorry!)

Till next post! 

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  1. aww thank you for following me! c:
    I like the layout of your blog too because it's so simple and sweet!

  2. THANK YOU! :D I really love it a lot ^-^

  3. Hey guys! I'm having a giveaway on my blog right now, feel free to join =))) Here's the link http://loisbaguio.blogspot.com/2013/05/tolb-x-oasap-giveaway.html (International Giveaway)

  4. your blog is so cute! :) I'm addicted to chocolate as well. haha! anyway, i hope you can drop by my blog as well! :D



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