Life Lately - Week 16 (Summer!)

April 23, 2016

Hello! I still have no idea what to post here so I decided to make a sort of a "series" in which I'll be posting about what's currently happening in my life *coughs* I don't even go out that much *coughs* I barely leave the house *coughs*. Also, one of the reasons why I'm doing this is for the sake of documentation (I'd surely laugh/cry/cringe while back-reading this kind of post).

Moving on, as I went to the nearest sari-sari store in our place, I realized how wonderful the view is in front of our house. The mountains, the sunny weather, and a field of cassava crops (which haven't grown yet). I really love being home~

I tend to start my day with a cup of coffee. I am not a morning person, so I usually feel sleepy during the morning. But, I stopped because I palpitate whenever I drink even just a cup! Because of that, I drink green tea as an alternative and it sure has a better effect on me compared to drinking a cup of coffee, except that I go to the bathroom like every goddamn hour.

And oh! Few of the things why I'd suggest drinking even just a cup of green tea everyday are:

- Healthier skin (it gradually happens so don't expect it to happen overnight)
- Better digestion
- It increases "fat burning" process (make sure to exercise as well!)
- It can stop you from overeating!

Since I have a lot of free time to learn new things, I started cooking! Man, I love cooking though I'm still learning (It took me a lot of practice to cook an "edible" pancake tbh). I also started to eat more vegetables and lessened my meat intake which is really hard for me since I'm a loyal carnivore (LOL).

- This photo was taken at 5 in the morning
- I rarely wake up early during summer because I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON OKAY
- But, I sorta had insomnia that I never get to sleep
- I've been up since 7 in the evening
- Y'all shouldn't try staying up almost all day it would kill you (inside)
- But I get to watch Chowder and I am happy!
- I also had a companion which is my baby Goya (my 3 year old dog)
- Early morning vibe is such a pretty thing.
-If only I am a morning person...
- These are pointless bullets forgive me.

Well, I actually enrolled for my advanced summer classes but I dropped all my subjects (I only attended my classes for 1 DAY LOL). It was a really long process but I don't want to study with so many doubts and regrets. Now, I am happy :)

I also went to watch The Jungle Book with my mom because we badly want to see it (we're both animal lovers!) and to tell you guys honestly, it is a must watch! I rarely cry and laugh and get scared in one movie but this one made me asdfghjkl.

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  1. This makes me miss Philippines more T_T

    1. Aww! Come back when it's possible Cheska :)

  2. i wanted to lessen my meat intake too but it is haaaard haha!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

    1. Yes! especially when you really love meat huhu.

  3. I'm also not a morning person and I don't drink coffee.I drink green tea everyday though. Anyway, where do you live? Seems like you're not in the city because omg, the view from your house is amazing! grabe ang ganda! nakakainggit! :)

    xoxo, rae

    1. I live in a province though I stay in a city during schooldays. Haha, thank you! It's really fun to live here because of the environment (and the people!)


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